Unable to submit the license


I am facing troubles to submit information on Ego4D Dataset. Nothing happens after I click the “submit” button.

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I have the same issue! After clicking on the submit button, nothing will be happened and just a error message will come up with the content of failure of loading!

Can you try again, the license server was having some backend issues which we have resolved. Let me know if you still face this issue.

Thanks for your help!

I have tried again. Still, I meet the same issue when trying to submit license of EgoExo4D dataset.

Hey @Liym, can you please try now?

I have a similar issue. Currently, I get the error message “You must either upgrade to a paid API plan (Plans & Pricing | Dropbox Sign API) or use the test_mode=1 parameter.”.

Hi, There is still an error related to helloSign (about api plan).

Hi, I still get a “Failed to Fetch” Error.

Still facing “Failed to Fetch” error!

Thanks all; HelloSign seems to have changed their billing plans. We updated and fixed a few issues on the license server, can you all try again and let us know here if you’re still facing issues?