License Server and Failed to Fetch Error

We are sorry that many Ego4D and Ego-Exo4D users experience a “failed to fetch” error when attempting to execute our license and gain AWS access keys.

To provide more background, our license server restarts every day on an automated basis in an attempt to reduce long-term service outages. During this daily restart process, the server will not be operable and the license e-sign requests will receive a “failed to fetch” error. If you encounter this message, please wait 5 minutes and try to re-sign the license. We believe that most user issues with the e-sign server will be resolved after we adopt this response to the “failed to fetch” error message.

Otherwise, please note that it takes 48 hours to receive your AWS access keys after successfully signing the license. Please be sure to check your junk mail folder if you do not receive keys after this waiting period. Also, our access keys are expiring, but you can renew them by re-entering the same info you originally registered with into the license e-sign portal.

Finally, we would like to remind researchers that we have two separate data resources – Ego4D and Ego-Exo4D. You will need separate access keys and to sign separate licenses for each. Please register for Ego4D here and Ego-Exo4D here.

Thank you!