Unable to access Visualization tool

I received my AWS Access ID and Access Key one day ago by email after applying from https://ego4ddataset.com/.
However the visualization tool https://visualize.ego4d-data.org/login doesn’t seem to accept either (I get a 401 UNAUTHORIZED response). Is there some period of time I need to wait or another approval step to go through before accessing the visualization tool?

Edit: Just to be clear, I can download the data using the Ego4D CLI

Hey ramialt, thanks for reaching out!

We had an issue with the License DB that has now been fixed, and we are propagating that fix to the visualizer.

In the meantime, I have given viz access to current license holders - can you please try to access the visualization again and verify it works?

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Confirmed that it is now working! Thank you very much

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Great! The fixes have also been propagated so access should be re-enabled for all users with valid licenses!