Error in best_exo tokens in few cases

I think few of the cases in atomic_action_description have a wrong tag for best_exo information. for example, for take_uid 971bf500-87fe-41a1-8ede-5b2eb1e87711, gp05 is actually an ego camera, as obtained by info in capture/camera/is_ego. But the same take in atomic description annotation for annotator 6438364062917988 and annotation_uid 7acb5c1a-63e6-40a3-b140-c459a4f9f5ba has best_exo as gp05 for multiple segments - but it is an ego camera. Is this in error or am I misreading something here.


We relied on our annotators to give best exo view. So some errors are expected. Head mounted go-pro is what you are seeing in gp05 which was used only in some specific captures. Probably some of our annotators got confused because our static exo cameras are also go pros. We did explain this scenario to them in our guidelines, but still some human error might have creeped in.