Ego-Exo4D & Ego4D V2.1 Release

The team is proud to announce two significant items:

  1. Ego-Exo4D: a new multi-modal and multi-view video dataset, including rich 3D information.
    1. Each recording (capture) contains multiple takes of one or more participants (camera wearer) performing a physical (Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Bouldering, and Music) or procedural (Cooking, Bike Repair, Health) task
    2. Please see: the website, documentation, paper, blog post and video introduction
  2. Ego4D V2.1: which includes the addition of the Goal-Step annotations and accompanying “grouped videos”. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

The README of the Ego4D repository has now changed to reflect the above.

We hope you enjoy the new dataset and appreciate the update to Ego4D. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or are facing any issues.

There is a recent issue of the downloader downloading to the incorrect directories for captures & takes. This has been resolved on Friday Dec 15, 2023 4:40PM PST. This issue affects you if you have files in your <download_dir>/captures/captures or <download_dir/takes/takes, please use the following script to correct it: Use this if you have files in `<download_dir>/captures/captures` or `<download_dir>/takes/takes`. Please also redownload with the CLI with the flag `-d`. Apologies for the inconvenience. · GitHub and re-download with the downloader with the -d option

Thank you for being apart of the Ego4D Community,

The Ego4D team.