Launching the Ego-Exo4D Teaser Challenge

Dear friends,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 2024 Ego-Exo4D Teaser Challenge, where we introduce for the first time two Ego-Exo4D challenge tracks, Ego-Pose Body and Ego-Pose Hands! The Ego-Exo4D Teaser Challenge launched on March 29 and the leaderboard is closing on May 30, 2024. We anticipate launching a full-scale Ego-Exo4D Challenge later this year inclusive of all Ego-Exo4D benchmarks.

Prize funding for our challenges this year is offered in the amounts of $1,500 (1st place), $1,000 (2nd place), and $500 (3rd place) for the two Ego-Exo4D challenge tracks. Top performing teams will also be invited to participate in our accepted CVPR workshop on June 17th.

We thank our partners at EvalAI for helping to host our challenge. Please reach out with any questions on the Ego4D Forum and we encourage you all to join the effort and advance understanding of first-person visual experiences.

Best regards,