2023 Ego4D Challenge@CVPR – Next Steps

Dear entrants in the Ego4D Challenges,

Thank you for your submissions!! We are thrilled to see so much interest in the challenges and are looking forward to culminating the process at the Joint International 3rd Ego4D and 11th EPIC Workshop on June 19th at CVPR in Vancouver. Please note that leaderboards remain open till 5 PM U.S. Pacific Time Friday, May 19th.

In anticipation of the leaderboards closing, we would like to ask that all challenge participants kindly submit a short validation report, describing your method and results. We ask that these reports not be longer than 4-pages (less is welcomed) and provide examples of both the positive and negative results (limitations) of your model. We also ask that you list the challenge, the name(s) of the participants in the team, affiliations, and contact information for all members of your team. Validation report submissions are a required step and they are due at 5pm U.S. Pacific Time on Friday, May 26. Please submit via this CMT link (“Ego4D Challenges Technical Reports” track). If you have submitted to more than one challenge, you can submit a single report and select all the challenges it applies to. Ego4D consortium members will review these reports and declare provisional winners. Those provisional winners are eligible to receive prizes following our competition rules.

Please make sure your submission is public on the leaderboard: In the past, there have been incidents of teams submitting to Ego4D challenges but mistakenly marking these submissions as “private” and thus having no scores transferred to the public leaderboard. Everyone is welcome to keep their submissions private; however, participation in our challenge requires making leaderboard entries public. Please be mindful of this as we approach the closing of the leaderboards.

Thank you all again for your excellent submissions to the Ego4D 2023 Challenge! We appreciate your time and creativity in exploring the frontiers of first-person video understanding. Please reach out with any questions.

All the best