Metadata does not have a manifest path when download ego-exo4d

Hi, I have met an issue like this, could you tell me how to fix it or provide any solutions? Thanks!

I patched the downloader last night, perhaps you attempted whilst this was being updated. Can you retry and confirm whether this is this still an issue? This works for me.

Hi, thanks for your help. But I still meet this bug with the same command. Is there any other command available or any details I’ve missed?

Please ensure you have configured your aws client properly with your dataset token. Run aws configure (you may need to pip install awscli) then enter your keys, then proceed to download.

If you are located in China, you might find the related issues helpful:

Here is another related issue: AssertionError for egoexo4d downloading (no manifest path) · Issue #284 · facebookresearch/Ego4d · GitHub

thanks for your reply! We’ve configured everything as required, but we’re still encountering the same issue. Is there any solution available?

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Hi! After updating my access key and update aws credentials, I encountered the same problem, and cannot solve. I can download Ego4d with my aws setting, as reported in the github issue comment.

I could find the problem.

In the e-mail titled “Ego-Exo4D Data Access Granted”, the URL for an access renewal form is not correct. Namely, Ego4D’s URL have been provided instead of the one for EgoExo.

You may request renewal of your access when these credentials expire by filling the form again at with the same information.

Once I requested the renewal from the correct URL, I could download EgoExo again.

So, dear EgoExo4D team, I recommend to modify the e-mail text not to guide people to Ego4D’s form.

cc @dkukreja on this issue for the emails

Thanks @ahashi and @miguelmartin, the link is updated to point directly to the EgoExo4D license now.


Hi, thanks for your help. However, I still encountered this problem when I requested the renewal password from the correct URL you provided. Could you tell me the details about your download command? Thanks again!

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For me, egoexo -o <out-dir> -y works fine.