Issues with download

Hi, I am facing the following error while downloading specific uids from the cli.

egoexo -o data/ --uids 7d33f6b7-46c0-4087-97e5-100c369ffe45


File "/home/miniconda3/envs/ego4d/lib/python3.11/site-packages/ego4d/internal/download/", line 31, in _path_ok
    and p.uids is not None
AttributeError: 'PathSpecification' object has no attribute 'uids'

I have a patch for this, please clone the repository, rungit checkout egoexo_downloader_patch and follow these instructions: GitHub - facebookresearch/Ego4d: Ego4d dataset repository. Download the dataset, visualize, extract features & example usage of the dataset

This flag should work when you are on this branch. I will make it available on the PyPi package soon.

Thanks! It seems to work now.