How we can obtain the task graphs in EgoExo4D

Hi! Thanks for your great work!

I’m interested in task graph construction. However, I could not find the task graph data mentioned in 13.B.3 of the arXiv paper’s appendix (I copied the corresponding part in this comment).
It would help me greatly if you could direct me to where I can obtain the task graph.

Task-graph construction. We first familiarized ourselves
with the procedural tasks by watching videos with annotated keysteps. We then initialized task graphs with
procedural dependencies obtained from keystep annotations through the following procedure: a) a directed graph
is first generated from the observed keystep transition
frequencies; b) edges of the transition graph are filtered
based on transition probabilities using a threshold parameter which is manually tuned for each scenario; c) edge
directions are inverted to convert frequent transitions into
dependencies. These initial graphs were then refined and
corrected by human annotators leveraging common sense
and in-domain knowledge.

Hi, may I ask if you obtain the task graghs please?

Not yet, unfortunately.

Thank you all the same. I’m now emailing the team. If there is any response, I will share with you.