Keystep benchmarks

Hi there, I am trying to download the keysteps features and annotations. It gives a general annotation file without segments and keystep names/IDs. Is it possible to download them yet? Same thing regarding the omnivore features.

The keystep annotations does contain the keystep names and IDs in the “taxonomy” field. See docs: Keystep | EgoExo4D Documentation

I’m not sure what is meant by omnivore features. Please refer to the docs on the naming convention: Features | EgoExo4D Documentation

Hi Miguel, maybe i did not make myself clear. I used the following command “egoexo -o ./ --parts annotations metadata take_trajectory take_eye_gaze features/omnivore_video --benchmarks keysteps --splits train val test --views ego exo” to download the data. I received no annotation file regarding the keysteps that includes the taxonomy, vocabulary, and the segments where the different keysteps are found inside each take. Should there be any file like keysteps.json containing the annotations? Maybe my downloading command is wrong.
plus, the omnivore_video features are downloaded for just one take: “6dc91e5b-57a7-4459-91c8-158b622e783f”.

Yes it appears that it is a bug in the CLI tool, you need to use --benchmark keystep not --benchmark keysteps - I’ll be sure to fix this issue.

If you’re downloading all splits and ego/exo views you do not need to supply these flags.

Thank you, it works now

I suggest to download v2 of the dataset if you are not already.

Sure, I will, thank you.