HeadObject operation: Forbidden error (Permission not granted?)

Hi all,
I recently got my credentials (Access ID and Password). I follow the instructions to set up AWS S3 and set default region to None. However, when I tried to download data, I saw this error

botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (403) when calling the HeadObject operation: Forbidden

Upon looking up on the internet, it seems like this is the problem of I am not getting the right permission or the bucket is not in the same region as I am in ? How do I check the bucket region and if that is not the issue, how do I solve this? Thanks

I believe you’ll get this error when trying to download a subset that doesn’t exist, could be e.g. that what you’re requesting only exists on a specific dataset version, try setting --version v1 or --version v2

Hi @d_h_t were you able to resolve this issue? I get the same error.

@linusnie I tried using different versions but can’t get to fix this error.

yes ignore wha the doc told you and set the Amazon bucket location to somewhere else (I think i set it to US West, not sure if the others would work)

Thanks, I resolved the issue. My AWS access key had issues. It works fine now :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m experiencing a similar issue. Could you please share how you resolved it? Thank you.

Hi, please check if your AWS access keys have expired or not?

Then, try changing the regions.

Also, check if your requested benchmark exists.

I’m getting this issue as well. @anirudh what region are you using?

I’m using run_viz.sh from the github repo so i’d imagine the benchmark should exist

Hi, I was using --us-west-1

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