Download "--parts all" fails


I am trying to download all the parts for a specific video (or set of videos), I get:

"ERROR: could not get manifests for all parts (nothing to download)
NOTE: Did you configure your AWS client correctly? See: No instruction how to set Access ID and Access Key for EgoExo4D · Issue #277 · facebookresearch/Ego4d · GitHub

This could also be due to your internet connection."

Example command is: egoexo -o EgoExo4D --parts all --uids a261cc1d-7a45-479f-81a9-7c73eb379e6c

However, if I do not use “–parts all” part or if I select some specific parts for download, it works.

Is there a problem with my configuration or am I using the CLI Downloader incorrectly?

Thank you in advance for your help!