Release of EgoPose annotations

What is the expected timeline for the release of EgoPose annotations?

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We will release them by Feb 15

It is already Feb 15. It is still not released.

It is said to be released on Jan! :rage: EgoPose | EgoExo4D Documentation


Apologies for the delay. We are working on a releasing a much larger version of the EgoPose annotations and ideally would like to do it all together. Please be patient as we are working on these along with several other priorities in parallel.

Thanks a lot for your kind reply! When will the data be available? Is there a fixed timeline?

Yes we are aiming for mid-march for the big release. However, I assure you that I will release EgoPose separately next Wed. I will post a message here as soon as that this done.

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Can you please release it soon? :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

First of all, thanks for the amazing work. Wrt. EgoPose annotations, any updates? I would require the EgoPose annotations aswell for my work. But I have very little time available, so could You give me an honest estimation when You will be able to release them? If you can’t release them soon, I will need to find another solution.

Dear EgoExo4D team,

May I know if there is any timeline for the release of the EgoPose data? Is the original mid-March timeline still valid, or could you give us a new timeline?

Hi everyone,

Version 1 of these annotations are available now. This is the set that we used for our Arxiv paper.

The final version of these annotations (with lot more data) will be available next week.

You can download using:
–parts annotations --benchmarks egopose
–benchmarks hand_pose [if only interested in hand pose]