Paco challenge questions

Hi! I want to ask whether I can use the annotations of the test_dev annotations of bboxs in my submmisions?

And I also want to ask when will the leaderboard be released?

Hi there,

Only train and val datasets are allowed to be used for training your models, test-dev is not allowed. Please refer to the first item (Restricted use of additional data) in the Rules section in the challenge overview:

" * Ego4D data - Only the 15667 images from PACO-Ego4D train split and 825 images from PACO-Ego4d val split, both of which are subsets of the publicly released Ego4D dataset are allowed to be used. Other images or videos from Ego4D dataset with or without annotations are not permitted."

Winners will be declared in June 1st week. Please make sure that you submit a technical report on our CMT to be considered for prizes.