Filtering full_scale videos for download

Is there a way to download specific videos in some context (eg. kitchen context) instead of downloading the entire 7TB videos?

You can filter the videos by benchmark subset or university, or via a specific list (likely after downloading the metadata, which you could do for scenarios). More instructions here: Ego4d/ego4d/cli at main · facebookresearch/Ego4d · GitHub

However to answer your question there isn’t a specific option in the CLI for scenarios specifically. If that would be a great help to a specific scenario let us know and we’d be happy to add it or send you a filter list.

You can also use the visualizer for this! You can filter and semantic search for videos, then download a list of uids to pass into the cli.

e.g. to download videos with the cooking scenario, add the scenarios include cooking filter, download the .txt. and download that subset with the cli using ego4d --output_directory='./ego4d_data' --datasets full_scale --video_uid_file './ego4d_subset_ids.txt'

Is there a filtering function for selecting/organizing the videos (e.g., according to the benchmarks) if the videos have been downloaded? thanks!