How to download only the videos/annotations/clips related to the long-term activity predicition task?

I am trying to download the videos and associated annotations related to the Long-term Action Anticipation Challenge (

I use:

python3 -m ego4d.cli.cli --output_directory=“XX” --dataset full_scale --benchmarks forecasting

But I get the error:

ABORT: All S3 Objects Invalid

How can I download the data associated with v1 and v2 of this challenge?

The error message could be better here, there are no videos to download as forecasting is not the benchmark name. Instead, the CLI does not split up the forecasting or hands benchmarks, it is all considered “fho” (see: FHO Overview | Ego4D to understand). Forecasting and Hands-related benchmarks are all derived from FHO.

i.e. use --benchmarks fho. Using your example, please run:

python3 -m ego4d.cli.cli --output_directory=“XX” --dataset full_scale --benchmarks fho

You can also refer to this colab notebook for STA, it may be helpful as the tasks are related: Google Colab

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Thanks for clarifying the doubt @miguelmartin! It works now.