About the "Narrate and Act" in EgoExo4D

Hi EgoExo4D team,

In Appendix 12.B, it has been discussed the language annotations of “Narrate and Act”.

However, in the released resources, only “Expert Commentary” (in proficiency_demonstration_val/train.json) and “Atomic Action Descriptions” (in 'atomic_descriptions_val/train.json`) could be found.

Have the annotations of “Narrate and Act” been released? If yes, how can I download them?

Thank you so much!

Hi @Liym, the narrate & act data is available through the videos marked as “narrate & act”.

We do have Whisper-transcriptions of these videos, but they have not been released yet (not all the videos have been transcribed). I will be releasing them when I get back from my vacation.