Status staying at “submitted” in LAM

Hi, I submitted the results hours ago, but I have not received any evaluation feedback. I would appreciate it if anyone could solve this issue.

Hi, this is a server issue we have seen before. We’ll get that resolved shortly and confirm.

Appreciate your patience and submission!

Actually, we’re being told that the submission wasn’t uploaded completely and that’s why evaluation wasn’t triggered. They manually ran evaluation and both of those failed.

Could you try resubmitting and confirm?

Thanks for your reply. But I try to resubmit my result but still failed.

There was an error while uploading the file: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:

Hi, there is still been running for days.

I have submitted successfully today. Is that your state keeping at “running”?

Yes, I can’t submit new results until the last submission is finished.

I think you can cancel it and submit a new one.

May I have your email?

But it says only unproccessed submissions can be cancelled.

That seems like a Bug though.

Hello, we are not seeing any submissions that are still running for the LAM challenge. Could you give me your Submission No.?