OSCC Annotations - Overlapping True and False State Changes in Video Annotation

Hello Ego4D Team,

I have observed an anomaly in the state change annotations of the video “9a63a726-df18-4114-9113-86e04fba8eff” using the visualization tool.

During the specified timeframe (21:14 - 21:25), I noticed the following state change annotations:

Timestamp: 21:15 - 21:23, State Change: True
Timestamp: 21:19 - 21:27, State Change: True
Timestamp: 21:18 - 21:26, State Change: False
Timestamp: 21:19 - 21:27, State Change: False

I’m seeking clarification on how a clip can have simultaneous True and False state changes. Could you please provide insights into this matter?

Best regards,