Missing clips in FHO benchmark

Reposting from Missing video clips for "FHO" benchmark · Issue #286 · facebookresearch/Ego4d · GitHub

Hi Ego4D team,

The following clips are missing in the “FHO” benchmark, version-v2:

When I use the command:

python -m ego4d.cli.cli --datasets clips --output_directory="~/ego4d_data" --benchmarks FHO

The clips:

440656ae-cb82-464e-b320-25c8e693ad84 and 814baefc-d043-40f8-bb52-3573266f613f are missing.

440656ae-cb82-464e-b320-25c8e693ad84 belongs to the fho_lta_train.json and 814baefc-d043-40f8-bb52-3573266f613f belongs to the fho_lta_test_unannotated.json respectively.

Even if I try to manually download these clips using:

python3 -m ego4d.cli.cli --output_directory ~/ego4d_data/ --datasets clips --benchmarks FHO --video_uids [440656ae-cb82-464e-b320-25c8e693ad84, 814baefc-d043-40f8-bb52-3573266f613f]

I get the following error:

RuntimeError: The following requested video UIDs could not be found in the manifest for version: 'v2' and dataset(s): '{'clips'}': {'814baefc-d043-40f8-bb52-3573266f613f]', '[440656ae-cb82-464e-b320-25c8e693ad84,'}