Mismatch between video and online_calibration.jsonl?

I have a question about the online calibration data.

I downloaded the takes and take_trajectory.

I checked them and found the discrepancy between the number of frames in the video and the number of rows in online_calibration.jsonl.

For example,
scene_name = utokyo_sushi_12_1008_4
frame_alignment_videos/aria1_214-1.mp4: 4003 frames
trajectory/online_calibration.jsonl: 4004 rows.

scene_name = utokyo_soccer_8000_17_2
frame_alignment_videos/aria01_214-1.mp4: 17478 frames
trajectory/online_calibration.jsonl: 17479 rows.

Could you check on your side if this is true? If so, could you check whether I should start from index 0? or index 1?

(+ Could you please make the filename the same in the later release? One has aria1_214-1.mp4 and the other has aria01_214-1.mp4.)