Long Term Action Anticipation submission Guidelines are misleading

Hi, I just want to mention that in the guidelines for the submission it’s written:

The first prediction the model has to make is for the action_idx=8, i.e. after watching 8 actions in the clip

but submitting like this gives the error that all the actions with actions_idx=7 are missing (e.g. Please generate a submission that includes the following keys: {‘fc4f23c7-ba2e-4d9f-afca-32f15e47ef92_7’ …)

If it is on purpose can you correct the guidelines? Or, vice versa, the testing procedure?
(If I am wrong because I am missing something please let me know)

Thanks for the amazing work collecting this dataset :wink:

Hi, sorry about the confusion! It is indeed supposed to predict after watching the first 8 actions, but it is zero indexed so it should start at {clip_uid}_7. I’ll correct the guidelines.

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