EvalAI PNR Localization submission eval is slow

I have submitted to both the OSCC and PNR localization challenges, both files submitted within a minute of each other. The OSCC submission was evaluated within 10 minutes, while the PNR localization is still not evaluated (it has been 17 hours now).

What is the expected amount of time to spend waiting for submissions to be evaluated?
The disparity in the time spent waiting for these two challenges is what confuses me the most.

There is some issue on the EvalAI server. Working with them to resolve it.

Hello, are there any updates on this? My submission is still not evaluated

Edit: I also seemingly cannot create new submissions

The original issue was fixed, still working on getting your older submissions executed. Are you still not able to create a new submission?

Your older one was also run successfully now

All issues are solved, I can create new submissions and see the results for both old and new submissions. Thank you!