EgoSchema Leaderboard

Hi, Ego4D Team.

At present, the EvalAI website does not seem to have a public leaderboard for the EgoSchema Challenge. When can we expect the leaderboard to be made public?


Hello, nice to hear from you! For our 2024 challenges (including EgoSchema), the leaderboards close on May 30th. By this time, all submissions on the EgoSchema leaderboard and all other leaderboards for Ego4D and Ego-Exo4D must be public if they would like to be recognized as part of the challenge. Are you having any trouble with the EvalAI UI? Please be sure to click on the option for test split as the baseline is publicly available. Does this help you?

Thank you for the prompt response.

The situation is such that, as shown in the attached image, there are no options, and the baseline score is not displayed.

What might be the issue?


The leaderboard should not be private and our config has set it as public. We are working with EvalAI team to resolve why it is showing up as private. Will share an update asap.


This should be resolved now, can you try again?

Thank you! The issue has been resolved.

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