Ego4D CVPR 2023 challenges are live!

Dear friends of Ego4D,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 2023 Ego4D Challenge. This competition calls on the research community to advance the state of the art on 14 Ego4D tasks, focused on Episodic Memory, Hand and Object Interactions, Forecasting, Audio-Visual Diarization, and Social Understanding.

This year we are also introducing 2 new tasks under Episodic Memory:

  • EgoTracks: Designed to advance research on long-term object tracking for egocentric videos.
  • PACO Zero-Shot: Designed to advance research on fine-grained recognition of object parts and attributes.

Prize funding for our challenges this year is offered in the amounts of $1,500 (1st), $1,000 (2nd), and $500 (3rd) for each of our 14 challenge tracks. Top performing teams will also be invited to participate in our accepted CVPR workshop on June 19th.

We thank our partners at EvalAI for helping to host our challenge. Please reach out with any question on the Ego4D Forum and we encourage you all to join the effort and advance understanding of first-person visual experiences.

The challenge launched on March 1 with the leaderboard closing on May 19, 2023.

Best regards,

Hi! Glad to hear that the challenge is holding again. I wonder that if we have participated in the challenge of 2022 ECCV, can we still participate in this challenge again? I have this doubt due to the fact that our team’s submit permission is not available now.

Hello! Yes, we are excited to see what you come up with this year! :slight_smile: I am sorry if I don’t understand your question above. I see in this post that the EvalAI issues were resolved for you. Is that not the case? The eval ai can't apply the evaluation program

Yes , the problem that you’ve cited has been solved. But the account that we used before can’t submit for a period after the eccv challenge was done (id is lemon123). We use a new account instead now.

But if we can use the new account to take part in the challenge, that is Ok then.

No objections to using the new account for the challenge! Sorry for the trouble on the old account. We can look into it on our side and see what happened. However, please just new the use account if that is not too difficult as it might take us a bit of time to connect with EvalAI and others to resolve what is happening with the old account. :slight_smile:

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