Discrepancy between Metadata and Web Visualizer

Hi colleagues,

I found there might be some discrepancies between Metadata and Web Visualizer, at least for gaze data.

I read the latest Metadata ego4d.json from CLI, and downloaded the video ids filtered by modalities include gaze. Specifically, please check the screenshots attached.

However, the web visualizer told me this video has gaze data.

It seems the Metadata is more reliable as I checked the gaze datasets, there is no corresponding csv file.

I found that the egp4d.json aligns with the filtering results in the visualizer specified as v2, which is also annotated within the file. Here comes the following questions:

  1. How can we download the Metadata v1?
  2. How can we download gaze v1 datasets? I tried
    python -m ego4d.cli.cli --output_directory="*" --datasets imu gaze --version v1 --yes
    The gaze data downloaded is the same as those in v2.

As I mentioned in another post, there should be 2293 videos with gaze in v1.

Is there a metafile that has complete information for all the latest available videos?

For example, the video i was released in v1, and i still exists in v2. The metafile should present i has_gaze==True.